The Medical Cannabis Industry

Denmark is emerging as a key player in the European medical cannabis industry,distinguished by its liberal approach to medical cannabis production and export.

Unlike many European countries constrained by production limits or reliant on imports, Denmark boasts an unrestricted environment for medical cannabis production. This not only places us, Real Canna Denmark, in a prime position for large-scale production but also allows us to tap into substantial markets across Europe and beyond.

Additionally, the global legal medical cannabis market is on the brink of substantial growth, with some estimates projecting it to reach up to US$150 billion by 2025.

At RealCannaDenmark, we are proud to be part of Denmark’s dynamic role in the European Medical Cannabis Industry. Denmark stands out in Europe for its progressive approach to medical cannabis production and export. Unlike many European countries that face production limits or rely heavily on imports, Denmark offers an unrestricted production environment. This unique position enables us to produce medical cannabis at scale, meeting growing demands across Europe and beyond.

Our operations in Denmark are not just about capitalizing on these advantageous regulations. They’re about leading the way in a market poised for significant growth. Industry forecasts are optimistic, with projections suggesting the global medical cannabis market could reach staggering figures by 2025. For RealCannaDenmark, this means unparalleled opportunities for growth, innovation, and leadership in the medical cannabis sector.

Key Advantages of theDanish Medical Cannabis Sector

Seamless Access to the EU Market
Our strategic location offers effortless entry into the vast European Union market.

Government Support
We benefit from Denmark’s stable, predictable government policies that encourage growth.

Education and Expertise
With a strong educational foundation in pharmaceuticals and agriculture, Denmark provides an exceptional talent pool.

Technological Leadership
The country’s cutting-edge technology gives us an additional advantage in the industry.

A Global Shift
Over 50 countries have embraced medical cannabis. This global shift isn’t just a change in legal policies; it’s a transformation in cultural attitudes and a recognition of the potential benefits of medical cannabis. As countries open up to the possibilities, the demand for high-quality medical cannabis seeds – a cornerstone of the industry – has skyrocketed.

Opportunities in the Blossoming Cannabis Industry:


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in any production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.


To properly demonstrate our ability to meet the necessary GMP production standards and exceed their quality requirements, we must produce a minimum of four generations of carbon copy cannabis plants.

Competetive Advantage

To gain the GMP certification, every generation produced must contain the exact same DNA and Cannabinoid profiles for each tested sample. 

Denmark's Emergence as a Leader in the Global Cannabis Market:Real Canna Seeds' Competitive Edge

Real Canna Seeds is well positioned to be a preferred supplier in the global Cannabis market. Our company will automatically meet the requirements in various geographic markets, as Denmark sets high and strict standards.
For this reason, several international companies have invested in the Danish medical cannabis sector.

Among the advantages for the Danish Medical Cannabis sector are:

  • Easy access to the European Union market.

  • A supportive, predictable, and stable government.

  • Strong and competent level of education, including

    pharma and agriculture.

  • The country’s technological advantage.

As the market matures, it will converge toward more traditional pharmaceutical standards. Winners will be the companies with experience in the pharma world.

From a product perspective, we expect to see improvements in galenical formulation and product consistency, stability, and efficiency.

The winning companies will be the first movers that can:

  • Secure stable, long-term, and high-quality supply via solid offtake agreements, ensuring that their own brand products are constantly on the shelves of pharmacies;

  • Have an established nationwide sales team to address the full depth of the market, so their products are prescribed and distributed in progressive cities.

  • Target all stakeholders: patients, doctors, pharmacies, and health insurers.

  • Offer a full range of quality products tailored to the various needs of patients; and educate prescribers.

Learn More About Denmark's Role as aKey Cannabis Producer and Exporter in Europe's Growing Market

The majority of countries in Europe are highly dependent on cannabis imports as they have no or partially limited production. Denmark, in contrast, has no limit on how much medical cannabis must be produced. Also, the new export legislation gives the Danish manufacturers access to large markets in the form of neighboring countries. Denmark is one of the only countries in Europe that is allowed to export cannabis.

Some estimates reach as high as US$150 billion by 2025: e.g., Grand View Research predicts the global legal cannabis products market reaching US$146 billion by 2025, and Barclays, in their European Consumer Staples Report (September 2018), suggests the global figure could be as high as US$272 billion by 2028.

The Global Cannabis Industry Landscape: Real Canna Seeds' Strategic Position and Advantages in the Evolving Market

The cannabis market is rapidly expanding as more countries legalize or decriminalize cannabis – both for recreational and medical use. Accordingly, the demand for cannabis seeds is rapidly increasing.

More than 50 countries worldwide have legalized some form of medical cannabis, while six countries have legalized cannabis for recreational use by adults.

Cannabis cultivation for medical or recreational use has been legalized in 33 states within the United States.

It is permitted for medical and recreational use in Canada, Greece, North Macedonia, Uruguay, Luxembourg, Lesotho, South Africa, and Israel.

Numerous other countries have decriminalized the use of cannabis, while others are in the legalization process.

In the past few years, more and more European countries legalized medical use of cannabis, among those Germany, the UK, France, Spain and Italy.