Real Canna Denmark proudly operates a state-of-the-art, high-care indoor cultivation facility in Denmark. This strategic choice ensures our plants are isolated from unpredictable environmental conditions, ensuring a consistent and controlled growing process. Our facility exemplifies our commitment to quality, providing a stable environment for our premium products.

High CareFarming

Our high-care growing units are equipped with LED lighting, specifically designed to optimize plant growth and ensure high-quality yields. This setup not only supports consistent output but also eliminates the need for further purification, making our products immediately suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

We adhere to stringent high care farming practices. Our equipment, exclusive to cannabis production, minimizes the risk of cross-contamination with foreign plants or pollutants. We employ rigorous anti-contamination measures, including dedicated equipment and certified cleaning protocols, to prevent cross-contamination or cross-pollination between strains.

Upholding the Highest Standards

All our equipment aligns with the rigorous guidelines of the European Union and the Danish authorities. We have established standard operating procedures for the use, maintenance, and cleaning of our equipment.

At Real Canna Denmark, our facility isn’t just a location – it’s a reflection of our dedication to producing the finest quality medical cannabis products, rooted in innovation, precision, and unwavering care.


Production andMethodology


Our organic knowledge and experience are complimented by the latest farming technologies developed by market leaders in the Cannabis Industry and proprietary systems explicitly built for cannabis seed production.

The facility allows various plants to be grown simultaneously with specialized lighting designed to deliver high output with less heat than traditional illumination solutions.

Process Automation

Process automation, combined with our specialized knowledge of cultivation, allows our team to harvest at precisely the right time for maximum yield.

Our systems speed the movement of plants from cultivation to the harvest of seeds.

Once harvested, all seeds undergo a strict sorting process to ensure only those of the highest quality will be sold to customers.

After the selection process is completed, disposal procedures are in place to ensure the controlled removal of waste materials in compliance with applicable regulations.

365 days of Growth

The RCS installation provides finely tuned lighting in the perfect light spectrum to grow efficiently 365 days per year.

After expansion, robotics and automation speed transitional movement and replace cost-intensive labor for repetitive processes within the facility.

A specially designed management system is used to monitor critical production points and ensure a high level of control over the environment, process, and product consistency.